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Tryout Evaulations May 10 and 17, 2014

Stunt Evaulations May 18, 2014

First Cheer Thunder Team - 1997

 First Cheer Thunder Team - 1997

Welcome to the Cheer Thunder All Stars Family. We at Cheer Thunder strive to make a difference in coaching as well as teaching many things to our Athletes. Many factors of our program go way beyond Cheerleading. We stress sportsmanship, family values, education, leadership, dedication, trust and the true meaning of what a team sport really is. Our philosophy has always been NOT “Win at all costs,” but winning will come when you practice hard in all aspects of your life. With all the athletes that have come through our program and now are back on our adult teams we must be doing something right. We feel this has to do with not only our philosophy, but that of our outstanding coaches who ALL are in this for the athletes, not for their own personal glory. With that comes an important task of not just coach but mentor. Our reputation surpasses itself. Cheer Thunder All Stars is known for their integrity, sportsmanship, professional attitude and overall community support. What our athletes become as adults is our priority.

This Web site will help you better understand our program and our goals as an organization. It will help you decide if our program is right for your child and your family. Cheer Thunder has held numerous National, Regional, State and local titles. Our practice schedule allows our athletes to balance their academic, family, personal, religious and extracurricular commitments. We pride on being able to allow our athletes to be well rounded. We also offer the best fund raising program in Maryland All Star Cheerleading!

If you have any questions regarding tryouts or our organization, please call our gym, Flip-N-Shout, at 410.729.0100 or send us an email.